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Creative Vacation Rental Photo Ideas

Welcome to UAV Vision Media’s newest blog! Today, we’re excited to share some creative vacation rental photo ideas to help you showcase your property. In the competitive vacation rental market, creative photos are essential for grabbing the attention of potential guests and enticing them to book your property. Let’s explore some innovative photo ideas to help boost your vacation rental listing:

  1. Capture The Views: If your vacation rental boasts breathtaking views, make sure to capture them in your photos. Whether it’s a panoramic lake or ocean view, a mountain vista, or a city skyline, showcase these views prominently to wow potential guests and highlight the unique appeal of your property.
  2. Showcase Outdoor Spaces: Highlight the outdoor spaces of your vacation rental in your photos. Whether it’s a spacious deck, a beautiful garden, or a private pool, make sure to capture these outdoor amenities to give guests a sense of the outdoor experience they can expect during their stay.
  3. Focus on Unique Features: Every vacation rental has its own unique features and amenities. From a cozy fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, or a luxurious spa bathroom, make sure to showcase these features in your photos to set your listing apart from the competition.
  4. Tell a Story: Use your photos to tell a story and evoke emotion in potential guests. Show photos of happy guests enjoying the property, relaxing by the fire, or exploring nearby attractions to paint a picture of the unforgettable experiences they can have during their stay. (Video also does a great job of this)
  5. Capture Local Attractions: Showcase nearby attractions and activities in your photos to give guests a taste of what they can experience during their stay. Whether it’s scenic hiking trails, your favorite local shops, or the nightlife scene, include photos that highlight the unique attractions and experiences available in the area.
  6. Highlight Cozy Spaces: Create a sense of warmth and coziness in your photos by highlighting cozy spaces within your vacation rental. It could be your ultra comfy recliner, a plush sofa by the fireplace, or a comfy bed with luxurious linens. Make sure to capture these inviting spaces to make guests feel right at home.
  7. Use Aerial Photography: Consider using aerial photography to showcase the layout and surroundings of your vacation rental. Aerial shots can provide a unique perspective and give guests a better sense of the property’s location and surroundings.
  8. Include Seasonal Touches: Tailor your photos to the season to showcase the beauty of your vacation rental year-round. From festive holiday decorations, blooming flowers in the spring, or colorful foliage in the fall, incorporating seasonal touches can make your photos feel fresh and relevant.


By incorporating these creative vacation rental photo ideas into your listing, you can create eye-catching imagery that grabs the attention of potential guests and helps you stand out in the competitive vacation rental market. Remember to regularly update your photos to keep your listing fresh and engaging.

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