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65 Answers From The #1 Real Estate Photographer In MPLS


What Is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography is a specialized field of photography focused on capturing images of commercial and residential properties. These photographs are used for marketing purposes, typically to showcase properties that are for sale or rent. Real estate photographers aim to highlight the features, layout, and overall appeal of a property to attract potential buyers or renters.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography?

Professional real estate photography is an investment that can lead to quicker sales, higher selling prices, and a more efficient and effective marketing process. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to sell or rent a property successfully.

Some of the most important benefits include: Increased Online Visibility, Wide Angle & Aerial Shots, Time & Stress Savings, and Better Online & Professional Appearance. 

What Should I Look for in a Real Estate Photographer’s Portfolio?

A real estate photographer’s portfolio should not only demonstrate technical skill but also their ability to effectively capture the essence and appeal of different properties. It’s important to choose a photographer whose style and expertise align with your specific project requirements and goals.

You can also consider looking at their services offered. We recommend finding a one stop shop that offers more than just photos. 

What Types of Properties Can Benefit from Professional Photography?

Professional photography can benefit a wide range of property types, as it enhances the presentation, marketing, and appeal of these properties. 

Here are various types of properties that can benefit from professional photography – Residential Homes, Real Estate Listings, Vacation Rentals, Commercial Properties, Apartments & Rental Units, Hotels & Resorts, New Construction, Restaurants & Cafes, Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities, Event Venues, and more. 

What Makes a Good Real Estate Photographer Stand Out?

A good real estate photographer stands out by possessing a combination of skills, qualities, and attributes that set them apart in their field. Look for not only the variety of services they offer, but their overall customer service, attention to detail, quality of their work, and their turnaround time. 

What Are Some Tips for Preparing a Property for a Photography Session?

Preparing a property for a photography session is essential to ensure that the images turn out well and effectively showcase the property’s features. Here are a few  tips for preparing a property for a photography session:

  • Clean & Declutter
  • Stage your home
  • Turn the Lights on
  • Turn the Fans off
  • Remove any Personal Items
  • Clean your Windows & maximize natural light
  • Clean up your yard
  • Remove any vehicles from your driveway

What Equipment and Techniques Do Real Estate Photographers Use?

For starters, real estate photographers use a professional camera of their choice along with a wide angle lens and tripod. Real Estate Photography companies that are a full one stop shop also carry drones, 3D cameras, tripods, video cameras, gimbals, and more.

What Is the Ideal Time of Day for Outdoor Real Estate Photography?

The ideal time of day for outdoor real estate photography is during the “golden hours”. The golden hours offer the most favorable natural lighting conditions for capturing appealing exterior shots of a property.

What Role Does Post-Processing Play in Real Estate Photography?

Post-processing  plays a significant role in real estate photography. It involves enhancing and refining photographs after they have been captured to ensure that the images effectively showcase the property’s features and ambiance.

What’s the Turnaround Time for Receiving Edited Photos?

The turnaround time for real estate photography photos can vary from 12-36 hours.

What Does a Real Estate Photographer Do?

A real estate photographer specializes in capturing high-quality photographs of properties, primarily for the purpose of marketing and selling residential or commercial real estate. 

What Makes a Real Estate Photographer Different from Regular Photographers?

Real estate photographers specialize in photographing properties for the purpose of marketing and selling real estate, while regular photographers may have a broader range of subjects and purposes for their photography.

What Is the Process for Scheduling a Real Estate Photography Session?

To schedule a real estate photography session; you are able to book online, email, call, or text to make your appointment. 

What Techniques Do You Use to Capture the Space’s True Dimensions and Layout?

Our most popular service that we offer to show off the dimensions of a property is our floor plans. Our floor plans come in 2D or 3D.

What Services Do Real Estate Photographers Provide?

Real Estate Photographers can provide a wide variety of services other than just interior & exterior photographs. A lot of high end real estate photography companies offer full video, floor plans, aerial photography, 3D Tours, virtual staging, sky swaps, and more.

What Are Some Examples of Real Estate Photography Shots?

Real estate photography has various types of shots to effectively showcase a property’s features and appeal. Here are some common examples of real estate photography shots: 

Exterior, Interior, Aerial Photos, Wide-angle shots, detail-shots, twilight photos,  and more.

What Equipment and Technology Do You Use for High-Quality Photography?

To achieve professional results our team uses Sony Cameras, DJI Drones, 3D Cameras, Gimbals for Video, and more. We also offer a variety of photo touch ups like adding green grass, flames in the fireplace, blue skies, tv screen replacement, and item removal.

What Strategies Do You Use to Capture Architectural Details and Finishes?

To capture the best architectural details and finishes we start by using Sony Camera equipment and a tripod. Once you are on-site, we recommend finding the architectural features that really stick out. We are able to take several photos at different angles and adjust our tripod height to find the best outcome.

What Factors Do You Consider When Scheduling and Planning a Photo Shoot?

Here at UAV Vision Media, we are always aware of our calendars, (time management) the weather forecast, and airspace if the photoshoot requires aerial photography. 

What Does a Real Estate Photographer Do?

A real estate photographer specializes in capturing professional images of residential and commercial properties for marketing and sales purposes. Their primary goal is to showcase properties in the best possible light to attract potential buyers or renters.

What Role Does Lighting and Composition Play in Real Estate Photography?

Lighting and composition play crucial roles in real estate photography as they directly impact the quality and effectiveness of property images.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer?

Hiring a real estate photographer enhances property listings, attracts more potential buyers, and increases the likelihood of quicker sales at higher prices. Professional photos also create a positive first impression and help agents build a strong and credible brand.

What Are Some Examples of Real Estate Photography Services?

Here are some real estate photography services that we offer:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Social Media Reels
  • 3D Tours
  • Aerial Photography
  • Property Lines
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Twilight
  • Virtual Staging & Renovation
  • Item Removal


Why Do I Need a Real Estate Photographer?

A real estate photographer can significantly improve the presentation of your property, attract more potential buyers, and ultimately lead to a quicker and potentially more lucrative sale. It’s an investment that can pay off in terms of both time and money. 

Most importantly, first impressions matter! In the digital age, most homebuyers begin their search online. Professional photographs are crucial for making a positive first impression and drawing potential buyers to your property listing.

Why Is Professional Photography Important in Real Estate?

Professional photography is the most important service realtors use to market their properties. The first thing a potential buyer sees online are the properties photos. Professional real estate photos lead to faster sales, a great first impression, increased online engagement, time and cost savings, and consistency in a realtor’s branding. 


Where Can I Find a Reliable Real Estate Photographer in Minneapolis?

Finding a reliable real estate photographer in Minneapolis can be accomplished through various methods. A few of the most common ways to find a real estate photographer is by word of mouth,  google search, social media, or an online marketplace. 


How Much Does a Real Estate Photographer Charge in Minneapolis?

The cost of a real estate photographer in Minneapolis can vary depending on several factors. These factors can include the photographer’s experience, the level of service provided, the size of the property, and the number of photos or services required. 

For starters,  you could expect to pay anywhere from approximately $140 to $400 or more for a basic real estate photography package. This package typically includes professionally edited high-resolution photos of the property’s interior and exterior. 

Larger packages can go from $350-$1200+ depending on additional services like virtual tours, aerial photography, floor plans, 3D tours, video, staging, and more.

How Can Real Estate Photography Improve Property Listings?

Real estate photography plays a crucial role in making property listings more appealing, accurate, and engaging. It can lead to faster sales,  higher perceived values, and increased visibility, benefiting both sellers and real estate professionals.

How Do Real Estate Photographers Capture Interior Lighting Effects?

Real estate photographers use various techniques to capture interior lighting effects that enhance the visual appeal of a property’s interior spaces. Properly managed lighting can make rooms appear welcoming, spacious, and well-lit. A few ways that real estate photographers achieve this are: 

  • Natural Light Enhancement 
  • Balanced Light Sources
  • Flambient Photography
  • HDR Photography
  • Color Temperature Control 
  • Post Processing 

How Do I Choose the Right Real Estate Photographer in Minneapolis?

There are a few ways to choose the right real estate photographer in Minneapolis. Take a look –

  • Research &  Referrals 
  • Portfolio Review
  • Online Reviews
  • Licensing & Insurance
  • Cost of Packages
  • Availability 

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How Can Photos Help Me Sell or Rent a Property?

Professional Photography can significantly enhance your property listing by standing out online and capturing potential buyers’ attention. The quality of the photos along with the overall composition will likely increase the likelihood of a successful sale or rental.

How Does Aerial Photography Provide a Unique Perspective?

Aerial photography provides a unique perspective by capturing images from an elevated vantage point that can really help your property stand out. 

How Can I Prepare My Property for a Photography Session?

Make sure to reach out and ask your agent or real estate photography company for their Photography Checklist, which will list how to get your property ready for the photographer. 

How Do Photographers Capture Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping?

Photographers capture outdoor spaces and landscaping by employing various techniques and considerations to showcase these areas effectively. A few popular techniques are landscape close ups, aerial shots, and “framed” up photographs of a specific feature. 

How Do You Showcase Exterior Features and Landscaping in Your Photos?

Showcasing exterior features and landscaping in your real estate photos is essential to create a strong visual appeal and attract potential buyers. Here are a few recommendations to help your photos stand out:

  • Choose the right time of day 
  • Frame the shot
  • Use a wide-angle lens
  • Highlight seasonal variations 
  • Minimize distractions
  • Remove trash cans and yard waste
  • Add in a twilight photoshoot

How Do You Handle Challenging Lighting Conditions in Interior Spaces?

Handling challenging lighting conditions in interior spaces can be a common issue for real estate photographers. Properly managing light in indoor settings is crucial to capture appealing images.

We recommend turning on all of the lights, opening the blinds, using a flash, and taking bracketed photos. 

How Do You Balance Creativity with Representing the Property Accurately?

Balancing creativity with accurately representing the property is a critical aspect of real estate photography. While you want to create visually appealing images, your primary goal is to provide an accurate portrayal of the property to potential buyers. We usually only make small natural changes like adding in a blue sky or putting green grass in the photos. 


Can Real Estate Photographers Provide Virtual Tours and 360-Degree Photos?

Yes, many real estate photographers offer additional services beyond traditional still photography, including virtual tours and 360-degree photos. These services have become increasingly popular in the real estate industry as they provide a more immersive and interactive way for potential buyers  to explore a property online.

Can Real Estate Photographers Assist with Home Staging for Photoshoots?

Real Estate Photographers offer Virtual Staging to their clients. Virtual Staging is where we take a photo of an empty room and add an interior design that will fill out the room and attract more potential buyers. This is a very cost effective and popular method to attract new buyers. 

Can Real Estate Photographers Help with Virtual Staging?

Yes, virtual Staging is where we take a photo of an empty room and add an interior design that will fill out the room and attract more potential buyers. This is a very cost effective and popular method to attract new buyers. 

Can Real Estate Photographers Incorporate Lifestyle Elements in Photos?

Yes, real estate photographers can incorporate lifestyle elements into their photos to make the property more appealing and relatable to potential buyers. This approach helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the space and can make the property more attractive.

Can Real Estate Photographers Provide Twilight Photography Services?

Yes, most real estate photographers offer twilight photography as one of their services. 

Can Real Estate Photographers Help Improve the Look of My Property?

Yes, real estate photographers can play a significant role in improving the look of your property. On top of professional ground and aerial photos, video, and 3D tours, they can do the smaller things that really help your property stand out. (adding green grass and blue skies, virtual staging, item removal)

Can I Get Virtual Tours or Videos of My Property?

Yes, you are able to order virtual tours and videos for any of your properties. 

Can Photos Help Me Narrow Down My Property Choices?

Yes, photos can be instrumental in helping you narrow down your property choices when you are in the process of buying a property. The photos will show the property features, general layout,  and the condition that the property is in.

Can Professional Photography Help Me Identify Potential Flaws in Properties?

Professional photography can help you identify some potential flaws in properties, but it may not reveal all issues. The potential flaws it might help you with are visible defects, space layout, and the curb appeal.

Can Photos Accurately Represent Property Dimensions and Layouts?

Photos can provide a representation of property dimensions and layouts to some extent, but they may not always convey precise measurements or capture the full spatial experience accurately. We highly recommend ordering a floor plan with each listing to go along with your property photos.

Can You Provide Examples of Your Previous Real Estate Photography Work?

Yes, you can see examples of our work here:

Can You Explain the Process of Collaborating with Realtors and Sellers?

Collaborating with realtors and sellers as a photographer can be a rewarding venture, as professional photos are essential for marketing properties effectively. 

When you are connecting with a realtor, make sure to find out their goals and what is and what isn’t working for them right now. Then you can come up with a plan and go over the services you offer along with how they might benefit from working with your company. 

Can You Describe the Importance of Aerial Photography in Real Estate?

Aerial photography has become increasingly important in the real estate industry due to its ability to provide unique and compelling perspectives of properties and their surroundings. There is no better way to stand out online.

Can You Provide Insight into Post-Production Editing and Enhancements?

Post-production and enhancements is a crucial step that needs to be done before the final images are delivered. We go over each photo and adjust the white balance, shadows, highlights, and more. We also tough up the sky and add a flame in the fireplace.

Can You Describe the Impact of Aerial Photography on Real Estate Marketing?

Aerial photography has had a major impact on real estate marketing by providing unique and captivating perspectives of properties and their surroundings. 


Are Aerial and Drone Photography Services Available for Real Estate?

Yes, aerial and drone photography services are widely available for real estate marketing and can be extremely valuable for showcasing properties. These services involve capturing images or videos of a property from elevated vantage points.

Are There Specific Techniques for Capturing Small or Unique Spaces?

The most common technique used for capturing small and unique spaces is the use of a wide-angle lens. 

Are There Industry Standards for Real Estate Photography Quality?

While there are no specific industry standards for real estate photography quality, there are several general guidelines and best practices that are widely recognized within the industry. These standards are based on the goal of creating high-quality images that effectively market properties. 

Are Real Estate Photographers Familiar with Architectural Photography Techniques?

Yes, many real estate photographers are familiar with architectural photography techniques, and they often incorporate these techniques into their work. Architectural photography focuses on capturing buildings, structures, and interior spaces with an emphasis on design, composition, and the portrayal of architectural details.

Are There Different Types of Photography Services Available?

Yes, there are companies out there that are a full one stop shop for all of your photography needs. Here at UAV Vision Media, we offer everything from real estate photography to events to portraits and more. 


Do Real Estate Photographers Offer Customizable Packages?

Yes, real estate photographers offer a wide variety of customizable packages. With some companies you are able to put together exactly what you’re looking for. Some popular packages include photography, video, floor plans, aerial photography, and 3D tours.

Do Real Estate Photographers Collaborate with Homeowners and Agents on Shot Lists?

Yes, real estate photographers provide a checklist to their clients on how to better prepare the home for their upcoming photography session. 

Do Real Estate Photographers Have Experience with Commercial Properties?

Many real estate photographers have experience working with commercial properties in addition to residential properties. 

Do I Need Special Equipment for Real Estate Photography?

To start out in real estate photography you will need a camera, lens, tripod, and cleaning kit. Once experienced, a lot of professionals add on drones, 3D cameras, video equipment, and more to their arsenal. 

Do Real Estate Photographers Edit the Photos?

Some real estate photographers edit their own photos, while some companies have a team of editors or outsource their photographs. 

Do Photographers Offer Special Packages for Buyers?

Yes, photographers offer a wide variety of packages to buyers.

Do You Have Experience Working with Different Types of Properties (Homes, 

Apartments, Commercial)?

Yes, here at UAV Vision Media we work at homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and more. 

Do You Offer Virtual Tour or Interactive Media Services Alongside Photography?

Yes, we offer virtual tours, floor plans, video, and more. We are your full one stop media shop for all of your real estate photography needs.

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